MSN Polygamy 8.1

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Free Plugin for MSN Messenger which allows you maintain various user accounts open at the same time

If you are a serial chat user, who can;t stop talking to people, by now you've probably got more than one MSN account. Unless, that is, you've had to create more than one account because you forgot your access details, then found them and now have more than one. The issue is that MSN messenger won't let you log in to more than one account at once. So what you need is a program that can trick MSN, like this one, called MSN Messenger Polygamy. As you might be able to gather from its name, MSN Messenger Polygamy is a free utility that allows you to open all the Messenger and Hotmail sessions you want simultaneously on the same computer.

It`s so easy to use that all you do is open MSN Messenger Polygamy and click on "Patch Now." That way you can either open several of your own accounts, or share your computer with a friend in order to both run sessions simultaneously.

MSN Messenger Polygamy is extremely easy to use, with just one button. Its configuration is basic and once set up you are ready to use multiple accounts at once. And you won't have to sign in and out as it will remember your details.

So there you have it. if you have more than one MSN or Hotmail account, and want to use them at the same time, you need this MSN Messenger Polygamy. And its best feature is that you can download it for free!


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